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Meet Coach,'s AI-powered career mentor. Advisor for career seekers. Resource for educators. Powered by a coalition of changemaking institutions.

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Available 24/7, Coach tailors advice to individual student's goals, learning from each interaction. Leveraging a decade of's expertise in career development, Coach provides adaptive, personalized guidance through powerful career activities.

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Coach is your ultimate career prep platform, designed for all - students, job seekers, and career shifters alike. Coach helps individuals navigate their career readiness journey through activities like career-focused Q&As, mock interviews, resume review, career assessments, and much more. 

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For over a decade has been an innovator in using technology to help young people prepare for careers. We changed the game by using crowdsourced career advice, reaching 7 million people with the help of 130,000 volunteers. Now, we’re changing the game again with an AI Career Coach that can provide all of the essential career guidance a young person needs on the path to a great job.

This work must be done carefully, with attention to bias, accuracy, and safeguards. We’re using our massive career advising dataset and millions of users to help dial-in our AI safeguards and messaging. And we’re using human-centered design to keep educators, parents, and monitors in the loop at all times

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We’re building this tool with educators, for educators. Coach is designed to augment the capacities of educators, schools, and workforce development institutions worldwide. Coach supplements rather than replaces the role of educators, strategically enriching career development while maintaining the irreplaceable human touch.

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